3 Tips To Help You Feel Super Confident In Dresses!


We all want to look and feel our best when we’re getting dressed up and putting on a dress, so if you’re currently struggling with your confidence, you’re in the right place! We’re here with three simple tips to help you transform your confidence, whether you’re choosing wedding guest dresses, something for your birthday or a cute summer dress for your holiday.

Focus On How You Feel, Not What’s On The Label

Our first tip to help your confidence when you’re wearing dresses is to focus on how you feel, not the size on the label. Feeling confident comes with wearing clothes that fit us well, so if you’re wearing a dress just because it’s a particular size and you don’t want to size up, you may feel quite uncomfortable. Instead, if you size up, the dress may fit you much better, you’ll feel more comfortable and then your confidence will begin to shine.

It’s really well known that womens fashion sizing is all over the place, where buying a dress in two different shops could mean that you need to buy completely different sizes. So, what’s on the label really doesn’t matter anymore! A good tip when you’re out shopping for the dresses is to take the size you think you’ll be into the dressing room, as well as one smaller and one larger, as often people settle when they don’t have options to try on, but if you have them all there you can definitely make the right decision about which dress fits you best!

Don’t Wear Killer Heels For The Sake Of It

Some people love wearing heels and feel really confident in them, but if that isn’t you, and you don’t feel confident walking in them, then it can affect your overall confidence. Lets face it, for most people, heels aren’t comfortable, so when we’re desperately trying to walk normally through the pain we’re bound to not feel our best! Instead, pair your dress with shoes you feel comfortable in, whether that’s a smaller heel, shoes with an interchangeable heel or flats. When you can walk comfortably your confidence will shine through, whether that’s in stilettos or sandals!

Buy Better Quality, Less Often

Our last tip is to buy better quality dresses less often, as opposed to buying something new for every occasion. When you have a few go-to dresses in your wardrobe for different occasions, there isn’t the pressure to rush into buying something new for everything you go to, you have more time to find things that actually fit you properly and make you feel great. Plus, when you buy better quality, the materials tend to be nicer, which naturally boosts your confidence. So, rather than buying new all the time, get yourself a few great dresses, including classics like little black dresses that you can style for so many different occasions!