How to Select the Perfect Slot Screen?


To make a precise slot screen, using a perforated base pipe, stainless steel filtering jacket, and punched slot is the utmost required method to make up the accurate and best slot machine.

API casing or API tubing are used with several drilled holes that serve as the foundation pipe. At the same time, the filtering jacket with the punched slot is made up of high-quality stainless steel in the high density produced through digital control accurate punching.

The backup ring used in the welding filter jacket is further put down into a perforated base pipe. Knowing that formation sand cannot quickly enter the sane, formation fluid can easily go through the area and land up between slot screens.

As a result, the sand control has been achieved with an easy method with an extra protective shield shrouded outside the filtration jacket to increase the jacket’s protection.

Advantages of slot screen machines

  • Getting fine control over slot

To be precise, the slot can range from 0.3 to 1.00mm, with a 0.05mm width. As a result, it matches with the sand of various particles and can precisely meet all the sand management under the well.

  • Aging with excellent anti-corrosion properties

The stainless-steel filter jacket has anti-aging properties filled with alkali, sand, and salt resistance compelling with excellent punched slot screens. It is highly adaptable from H2S to CO2, which helps in preventing the distance occurring between slots and expansion due to corrosion over time.

  • Integral strength is high, and anti-deformation power is strong.

The base pipe is here to support the interior component of the jacket with an outer protective shroud to be mounted outside the filtration if necessary. This means the base pipe is drilled with holes and has lower strength than conventional casing or tubing by just 20%. As a result, it has sufficient power to sustain itself in the market, causing compression from strata.

Know the best types of slot screens which are better in market

  • Pulp slot screen

A pulp slot screen is used as a screening item in the paper industry. This is a base item of the paper industry; without this paper, the industry cannot function, which adds significant loss to the market. It is used as a fine primary screening of discarded paper pulp before the paper-making process.

Principle of operations:

The pulp enters the space between the cylinder and the pressure drum screen basket.

The qualifying fibers of pulp flow into the drum through the screen gap because of the pressure between the screen basket’s two sides.

  • The water is then drained from the bottom outlet.
  • The larger the slot screen, the larger the gap size.

The screening speed of the slot will be enhanced, but screening quality will significantly improve, necessitating a second screening.

  • Bridge slot screen

The screen opening of the bridge slot screen is placed in a row parallel to the screen axis. Slots are then cut into the base wall as a flat screen rolled into a pipe.


Most of the slot screen is made of mild steel or stainless steel, and most are available in bespoke length that is welded together and flanged in threaded connections. If you are interested in knowing slot screens and types of slot screens, reach out to us, and we will guide you in the best possible way.