Top Travel Destination Spots for Entertainment This Year


Entertainment has always held a soft spot for people all across the world. Most people like to relax in one way or another, from long relaxing baths to watching TV to more elaborate vacation plans. Depending on what your budget allows and the level of entertainment you want, you can go with anything you want. Although, the world of internet and technology with top entertainment options like Xfinity TV plans have made life much more fun and engaging. However, sometimes, you need a little something to finally feel like yourself again, and what better way to reconnect with yourself than travel?

Traveling solo or even with a loved companion or partner is one of the best ways to relax and disconnect from everything going around you. Too many of us are overworked and overwhelmed, sleep-deprived, and depressed, because we do not get out much. Traveling is the perfect medicine for all these grubby mental stresses.  In this article, we point out some of the best travel destinations that are a must-see for your next travel vacation. Buckle up as you add these to your bucket list for it is going to be quite a ride!

1. Bahamas

With its crystal clear waters and views that you will not forget in a hurry, the Bahamas stay one of the top favorite destinations of Americans all year round. Just 50 miles over the coast of Florida, with its sandy beaches and glorious resorts, the Bahamas islands are a perfect weekend getaway. There is a ton of activities that you can get into like water skiing, jet skiing, or perhaps just laze around on the beach all day long. If you are looking for bigger adventures, however, the Bahamas also has a water park that just opened. Complete with a surf simulator and a lazy, relaxing river, this park is ready to meet all kinds of fun activities you may want.

If you are looking for a finer and more sophisticated experience than a water park, the Bahamas offers an exquisite cruise that takes you around all the islands of the country. Packed with beautiful views and 6-star service, explore the islands of Bimini, San Salvador, Long Island, and the Great Exuma.  Indulge in the local culture and the wonderful foods that the region has to offer with stew fish, conch, and of course, the rock lobster. Enjoy the local sights when you don’t feel like going to the beach and the end of April marks the famous Carnival in Nassau, which would definitely be a treat to visit.

2. Finger Lakes, New York

While it has not been on the map for long, the Finger Lakes of New York have quickly gained a reputation for their stunning views. But that is not all that this place is all about. The Finger Lakes is a collection of three popular lakes in the region, the Cayuga Lake, the Canandaigua Lake, and the Seneca Lake. Each of these lakes stretches out for quite a few acres and boasts architecture that is definitely memorable. From the Inns of Aurora with five historical mansions to the Willowbrook spa and the largest wine trail in the city, there is so much to enjoy at the Finger Lakes.

Set apart from the bustle of the city, the Finger Lakes is one of the top places to relax. With quality wellness treatments, famous saunas, and the best fastest internet in the region, you can trust that your stay at the Finger Lakes is going to be every bit as pleasant as you imagine it to be.

3. Burgundy, France

If you are planning an overseas trip and searching for the best candidate, look no further. Burgundy is picturesque suburban heaven, everything you will want from a trip to France. With glorious views, there is a ton of activities to enjoy, including hot air balloon rides and exploring the farmland. Burgundy is also known for its splendid wine that is supplied to the rest of the country. A large variety of some of the best grapes in the country thrives in this region, complete with wine distilleries and more. Wine tasting is just one of the many things you will get to enjoy in this city in France.

If you are a wine enthusiast, Burgundy is the perfect place for you to visit. Pick from some of the choicest selections of the country’s wine, featuring chardonnay, pinot noir, and sauvignon blanc.

4. Malaysia

Home to one of the largest and most diverse populations in the world, Malaysia is a gorgeous place to visit. You get to not only witness but also enjoy the rich and multinational culture in the country. And that is not all that this tropical country has to offer. Malaysia has an elegant variety of landscapes, from towering skyscrapers to quieter quaint little farms, rainforests with incredible wildlife, idyllic beaches, and dreamy islands. This makes Malaysia a famed all-in-one tourist heaven, with lots to learn, experience and love.

Open yourself up to a world of matchless luxury at the Four Seasons resort or discover the fun of local culture and the dynamic nightlife in the country. From famous tourist spots such as the Petronas Towers to Genting Highlands with active shopping malls, casinos, and delicious street food, there is a lot to enjoy in Malaysia.

5. Quebec, Canada

The province of Quebec in Canada is just one of the many breathtaking regions that the country has to offer. Completely packed with life in the busy city of Montreal to the stunning snowy peaks that stand out in the background, Quebec has something for you, every season. Montreal will always take care of your city needs, from shopping to nightclubs, dancing, and of course, the high-end casinos. But, if you are looking for a more quiet getaway, the gorgeous towns in the south will be the best fit. Something to keep you hooked, with striking views, good food, and promising company.

You may not speak French, but this beautiful province will make efforts to accommodate you nonetheless. Dabble in the local culture and the pubs that operate round the clock. Explore the country’s secret with the yummy maple syrup, tantalizing smoked meat, and indulge in a hearty serving of poutine. After all, no one does it better than the Canadians!

Quebec is a great destination to consider if you are going on a vacation. And since it is close to the U.S think of all the money you can save too!


In this incredibly fast-moving world, where days slip by in hours, it is extremely important to know how and when to disconnect. While the internet and TV are a great way to forget your worries for a bit, they are not very long-term solutions. The only way to get away is to physically get a change of pace and of course, upgrade your scenery even If for a little bit.

Thanks to some of the best fastest internet in the world, searching for the top places to cool off is no more a task. Just explore the options that appeal to you most and pick a favorite. Who knows you might just discover your new, favorite travel spot for future vacations?